Withdrawal Management Services

Residential Withdrawal Management provides a supportive setting where men and women may safely withdraw from drugs, alcohol, and/or gambling.

Humberwood Centre provides a four-bed, non-medical Withdrawal Management Program for those clients who require supervision and monitoring during the initial phase of their treatment.

These beds are available to men and women who have a Humberwood admission date.

The average length of stay is typically five days, but this may vary according to needs and circumstances.

During the withdrawal process, our clinical staff provides support, reassurance, screening, assessment and motivational counselling.

Individuals in the Withdrawal Management Program are not permitted passes outside the facility while they are under observation.


  • 4 beds
  • 24 -hour support available
  • Pre-treatment
  • Medical Assessment
  • Education
  • Screening/Assessment
  • Supervision and Monitoring
  • Bridge to treatment program
  • Referral to other supports when needed