Treatment Program


Therapy at Humberwood Centre is offered through a combination of individual and group-based counselling.

Individual Counselling

Provided as needed throughout the program. Psychological assessments are performed when deemed necessary.

Group Therapy

Daily group therapy sessions help clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and gain insight into their addiction.

The goals of group are to decrease feelings of isolation, to give and receive support, and to explore new ways of coping and problem-solving.


In addition to group and individual counselling, clients are encouraged to journal daily as a means of gaining insight and awareness into their thoughts, feelings, and experience.


All individuals participating in the Humberwood program will receive education intended to provide knowledge and skills needed for recovery from their addiction. Education sessions include:

Addiction & the Family

Through group and individual counselling, and education sessions, clients gain insight and awareness into the effect their addiction has on family members.

Anger Management

Clients learn how to manage their anger in healthy ways to improve their relationships and minimize the risk of relapse.

Anxiety and Depression

Clients are taught skills for managing these two common emotions in recovery.

Art Therapy

Through the use of art or related creative activities, clients are encouraged to explore recovery issues.

Communication Skills

Clients learn new and different ways of developing healthy communication with others as a means of improving their relationships.


Clients are challenged to reflect on their use of defenses which may be perpetuating their addiction.

Leisure Planning

Participants will learn the importance of planning leisure time in recovery.


Clients learn about the impact of their addiction on nutritional status, how to correct nutritional deficiencies and the importance of following a recovery diet.

Relapse Prevention

Strategies for preventing a return to alcohol, drugs or gambling are introduced.


Clients are introduced to various relaxation techniques to assist them with stress and anxiety management.


Throughout the program clients learn about the relationship between self-esteem and addiction issues and begin the process of enhancing their self-worth and fostering positive attitudes.


These sessions are non-denominational and focus on personal spiritual needs.

In-house self-help meetings are provided twice a week.

Stress Management

Clients learn how to build effective stress management into their lives and how to cope with addiction.

Addiction and the Brain

Clients learn about the role that neuroscience plays in addictions and recovery and how drugs, alcohol, and gambling affect the human brain.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Helps clients to understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and how they can challenge negative thought patterns.


Active Living

During their stay clients are required to participate in regular active living sessions as part of Humberwood's total health approach.

This might include a walk, using fitness equipment and audio/video tapes.

Clients are encouraged to build regular exercise into their leisure time.

Healthy Eating

In addition to education sessions on nutrition and recovery, clients are encouraged to practice healthy eating while at Humberwood Centre.

Meals are planned in accordance with Canada Food Guide.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is not permitted on the property of Humberwood Centre, in keeping with Western Health's Smoke Free Property policy.

A session on Smoking Cessation is delivered to all clients. Smoking cessation aids such as the patch and gum, are available free of charge.

Assistance is offered to anyone expressing a desire to quit or cut down on their smoking