Alumni and Testimonials


"Couldn't ask for more. The people here go well beyond the call of duty. God has granted us all angels".

"I have come to get a grip on my life and I am confident that with continued help I will have my life straightened out. I highly recommend Humberwood Centre".

"Humberwood has saved my life. I am sure that if I didn't get here when I did I wouldn't be alive today. All the staff were excellent. Each one has a special gift. You are special people.

"I didn't know what to expect first when I came because I had so much negativity in my life, but the people there made me feel like I was someone."

"Every session was vital to my treatment and recovery plans. I have taken a whole lot from each session, every suggestion, every tool will definitely help me on my path of recovery. I have gotten more out of this program that I expected I would."

"Fantastic counsellors; well educated and very good at what they do."

"Both the attendants and counsellors made me feel safe and without that I probably wouldn't have been able to do the work I needed to do. I felt safe, comfortable, secure, and had no fears of being judged or labeled. I felt that the staff listened carefully to what I had to say, challenged me when I needed to be challenged and I felt that I was able to trust the counselors with my personal issues. I felt that the staff genuinely cared."

"I can't say enough about this place. It has helped save my life!!! What I have learned from everyone involved is priceless; my life is priceless!! I now view this world, my addiction, and myself in a totally different way. Being here has set me on a track but now it is up to myself to explore and continue this beautiful new path set out for me. This place is a Heaven on this crazy Earth. Thank you all for your guidance, your caring, your love!! You have made a new being out of me, and words on this paper can't express my gratitude for all you beautiful Angels. Thank you all from every ounce of my heart, my being, my soul!!!!!"

"Everything about this program and the people are great - no complaints; a part of my life I will never forget".

"So happy I came here. I would recommend Humberwood to anyone I know that needs help. I did cleanse my Mind, Body and Soul. What a wonderful feeling. I am leaving here feeling like a new person."