Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Western Memorial Regional Hospital is the referral unit for critically ill patients throughout the Western region. Comprehensive care is provided to adult medical and surgical patients, pediatrics and other patients that require a higher level of support. Located on level 2, the 12-bed unit has private rooms that have the capability of a full range of cardiac and hemodynamic monitoring.

The Intensive Care Unit at Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital is a 2 bed unit that is utilized for optimum care and close monitoring of the critically ill patients in this hospital who require specialized medical and nursing services.

Families are important members of the health-care team, so we welcome you in the Intensive Care Unit. Because many of the patients in the ICU are too ill to talk about their condition, we are grateful for the information family members can share with us. This information helps us provide care and we welcome suggestions about how to comfort your family member. Family members are encouraged to spend time with their loved one and take part in their care.

Who can visit

Family members and very close friends may visit patients in the ICU. The patient or a spokesperson for the patient should identify visitors the patient would want to see. These names will be noted on the patients file. 

To ensure patient privacy and in respect to other families in the ICU, we limit the number of visitors so that no more than two people visiting a patient at one time. However, you may occasionally notice that some patients have more than two visitors in their room. This is done in special circumstances due to the patient's level of illness, or for pediatric patients. Please note that visitors, at times, may be asked to leave the ICU. This may be done in the patient's best interest, if their condition has changed. Patient care is always our utmost priority.

Visiting hours

Western Health no longer has specific visiting hours and family members are welcome at any time. There are also no restrictions on how long you can stay to visit your family member in the ICU. We do however encourage shorter visits to allow patients time to rest and recover. Depending on your family member's condition, our staff may have a conversation with you to determine the best time and length for your visits. Also, remember that this is a stressful time for you as well. It's important for you to take time to care for yourself too. 

If you arrive between the hours of 7:45 a.m. - 8:15 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. - 8:15 p.m. our nurses may not be able to speak with you right away. During these times our staff will be busy giving a handover report to their colleague who will be taking over the care of your family member for the next shift. This 'shift-change' handover is important so that our health-care teams can provide a safe and accurate report of your family member's condition and needs. 

Children in the ICU

Visiting the ICU can be an overwhelming experience for adults, so careful consideration should be given to whether or not it is appropriate for a child to visit a patient in the ICU. If you would like your child to visit a patient, please plan ahead and speak with the nurse. A social worker is also available upon request and can provide tools to help you explain to your child what to expect in the ICU.

Pets in the ICU

We welcome family pets in the ICU because we understand the comfort that they can bring to a patient. Please speak to your family member's nurse ahead of time so they can plan ahead for your pet to visit the ICU.   

What can I bring to the ICU?

We encourage you to bring sentimental items such as pictures and comforting items such as a pillow, blanket or personal care products for patients in the ICU. This can help make the unfamiliar environment more comfortable. If there is something that you would like for your loved one to have at their bedside please speak to their nurse.

Please do not bring plants, flowers, or latex balloons into the ICU.


Western Memorial Regional Hospital ICU at (709) 784-5000, ext. 5528

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