There are times when you might have to make tough healthcare decisions for you, a loved one, or someone you are caring for.  It may be hard to decide the best thing to do.  The word “ethics” means thinking about our basic moral values and helping us understand what we should and should not do.  When something doesn’t feel right, we can face an ethical problem. 

Western Health has an Ethics Consultation Service that can help if you have an ethical issue.  This service is available for patients, residents, families, staff, or anyone who needs help in making ethical decisions about health care.  The discussion is led by an ethics team who meet to talk about the ethical issue.

If you are unsure if you need an ethics consultation, you can use the Ethics Screening Tool, to help you decide.  This tool can help you simplify the issue and whether you need an ethics consultation. 

To request an ethics consultation, please fill out the Request for an Ethics Consultation Form, and send it to the contact person below.

For more information about Ethics at Western Health, please contact:

Tracey Wells-Stratton
Regional Manager - Research and Evaluation  
(709) 784-6801