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Medical Equipment Campaign 2017-2018

The Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital Foundation has begun its newest capital equipment campaign to raise funds for a Pyxis Medicine Cabinet for the Pharmacy Department that will cost $142,360.  The Pyxis Medicine Cabinet is a drug storage device which electronically dispenses medications in a controlled fashion while also tracking medication use and inventory.  This machine has been proven to imporove safety and efficiency throughout the medication dispensing system and eliminates the human error surrounding inventory maintenance  and thereby dramatically increases patient safety.  The Pyxis Medicine Cabinet has been deemed the priority piece of medical equipment for our hospital this year.

Proceeds raised from all fundraising events and other acquired revenue this year will be directed towards the purchase of this piece of equipment.
 Your support will enable the Foundation to acquire this equipment in a timely manner.   Together we can ensure that our health care professionals at the Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital have the medical equipment they require to provide essential health services to those who need them most.   In addition, state of the art medical equipment also provides incentive when recruiting and retaining health care professionals to our fine region.


*The Foundation historically provides an annual contribution of $15,000 to  Western Health  for the purchase of regional medical equipment.