Workplace Wellness

Western Health takes pride in recognizing that its employees are its greatest asset. Western Health is committed to the creation of a healthy work environment, which involves promoting the health and well being of staff and the recognition of their valuable contributions.

The Workplace Wellness Program focuses on enhancing individual well being while increasing the "health" of the organization. It is recognized the health and well being is more than the absence of disease, it is the attainment of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social health. This program is based on the premise that the impact of the workplace on an employee's health is significant. Workers typically spend one third of their waking hours on the job, consequently it is vital to promote a healthy workplace.

Western Health is concerned about the health of its employees and the importance and responsibility of fostering a workplace environment and culture that supports employees. As well, The Workplace Wellness Program encompasses a focus on health promotion and preventative health initiatives and providing employee assistance counseling when employees need it.

For more information about the Workplace Wellness Program, please call 1-709-637-5000 ext. 6247.