A professional practice model must not only support discipline-specific professional practice, but also must foster interprofessional practice at various levels of the organization and across the continuum of care.

Professional Practice Model

Western Health believes professionals have the right as well as the responsibility to participate in decisions that affect them and their clinical practice. The professional practice model for Western Health is based on shared governance, a decentralized approach that:

  • gives clinicians greater involvement in their practice and work environment;
  • engenders a sense of responsibility and accountability;
  • allows professionals to actively participate in the decision-making process.

The Professional Practice Framework for Western Health is designed to enhance professional accountability; support team collaboration; acknowledge professional performance; foster professional development and promote the highest level of professional standards possible.

Description of Model

  • The inner circle represents the main focus of professional practice - the client. The client is defined as individuals, families and communities.
  • The dotted-line ring surrounding the client represents the client as an active participant of the interprofessional team. Professionals work collaboratively, through an interprofessional team approach, to meet the needs of the client.
  • The ring surrounding the interprofessional team represents the essential elements required to support professional practice for various professional disciplines. The essential elements of professional practice include: accountability, collaboration, standards, leadership, recognition, and professional development.
  • The outer circle of the model represents the corporate environment of Western Health. Professional practice is guided by the vision, mission, values, guiding principles and strategic plan of Western Health.