Visitor Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place to support visitation at Western Health facilities:

·         At most Western Health facilities, visits are limited to two people at the same time in order to adhere to public health guidelines.

·         When children 18 years and under are visiting, two adults may be present as well.

·         Visitors may visit more often than one time each day.

·         The patient/resident/family will coordinate the visiting times.

·         If a patient/resident is in a shared room, we ask visitors to keep in mind the comfort level of the other patients/residents in the room and to ensure that physical distancing requirements can be maintained.

·         There may be some sites that are unable to accommodate two visitors at a time. In these situations, the clinical care team will work with the family to identify options for visitation

·         Visitation is encouraged in a patient/resident’s room or outdoors. Physical distancing must be maintained if visitation takes place outside the room and inside the facility.

·         Each time you enter a health care facility, we ask that you limit visitation to one patient/resident. In extenuating circumstances visits with more than one patient/resident is permitted (i.e. both parents in LTC).

·         All visitors must register upon arrival to the facility and be screened for COVID-19. You may let the staff person know you have already completed your screening if you are returning for multiple visits on the same day.

·         Visitors will be screened at entrances from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Arrangements can be made for screening to take place at unit outside of these hours.

·         Please note that a delay in screening upon entry may occur if there are a high number of visitors at the same time.

·         If you have questions, please contact the care team to discuss visitation for your loved one.

For appointments or Emergency Department visits:

·         Patients are asked to consider the necessity of bringing an additional person. Patients who can safely manage without assistance/support should come independently.

·         Support persons may be asked to wait outside the facility to ensure adequate space is available in the waiting area for patients. The care team will accommodate the support person in the treatment area when requested by the patient.

Please see complete visitor guidelines here.

Help reduce the spread of illness

Visitors can help reduce the spread of illness by doing the following:

-  Do not visit if you are ill.
-  Clean your hands before entering a room and after visiting your loved ones. 
-  Limit your visit to only one patient/resident. 
-  Wear protective equipment, such as masks, gown and gloves for the duration of the visit, if required. Nursing staff will advise which equipment is required, and how to properly apply and remove it.

Please do NOT visit any health care facility if you feel ill or are experiencing flu-like or gastrointestinal symptoms.