At the following facilities, visitors are limited to one consistent visitor/support person per patient/resident due to potential COVID exposures, suspected COVID positive patients/residents, or other illness:

  • 1 South Unit - Corner Brook Long Term Care
  • 3 South Unit - Corner Brook Long Term Care

On all other units at hospitals, health centres and long term care homes, each patient and resident may have multiple visitors throughout the day, however, only two can visit at the same time.  Please note that some areas/units may not be able to accommodate two visitors at the same time due to the space available and the need to maintain physical distancing requirements. In these cases, care teams will work with families to identify visitation options.

Support persons/visitors are advised of the following visitation guidelines:

  • COVID-19 Screening: Visitation is not permitted if the support person/visitor is symptomatic (i.e. experiencing any one or more symptoms of COVID-19) or self-isolating (except in specific situations such as labour and delivery and end-of-life visitation).
  • Perform hand hygiene and maintain physical distancing (two meters/six feet).

Precautions around confirmed/suspect cases of COVID-19

  • Patients/residents who are suspected to have COVID-19 must wear personal protective equipment for the visit as per protocol.
  • If a patient/resident is confirmed COVID-19 positive, limited visitation can occur in consultation with the care team.
  • As well, anyone who is feeling unwell or sick should not visit patients/residents.

 Please do NOT visit any health care facility if you feel ill or are experiencing flu-like or gastrointestinal symptoms.