Injury Prevention

Injuries are the leading cause of death for young people aged 1-34 and a major cause of hospitalization, impairment and disability. Unintentional injuries are not accidents, they happen in similar and predictable patterns; 90% of injuries are both predictable and preventable. Examples of injuries include: injuries due to motor vehicle collisions, falls, drowning, suffocation, cuts, burns and poisoning.

Western Health is involved in a regional injury prevention committee called the Western Injury Prevention Coalition (WIPC). WIPC is a non-profit partnership of the public and volunteer sector, working to increase awareness of injury prevention with people of Western Newfoundland.

For more information visit the WIPC website.

Western Health is working to address many injury prevention issues such as distracted driving, alcohol related injury, bicycle safety and falls prevention.  Western Health plays an integral role in the planning, implementation and evaluation of injury prevention programs including Bike Rodeos and Preventing Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth (PARTY).

Bike Rodeos

Bike Rodeos are an excellent way to educate youth on bicycle and road safety. Bicycle rodeos and events begin with bicycle and helmet checks and include activities composed of several stations where children learn bicycle safety skills in realistic on-bike situations.

The objective of the stations is to ensure children know how to operate his/her bike correctly. Examples of stations include: proper helmet fitting, dismounting the bicycle, changing directions, turning in circles, learning how to stop quickly, steering through tight spaces, turning around, riding slowly while maintaining balance and maneuvering tight turns.

In addition to safety courses and stations, display booths are can be set-up to provide further information on bike safety.  Recently in the Western region, Bicycle Rodeos were conducted as part of Safe Kids Week, but they can be organized as part of any community event in partnership with local police departments and other community groups.

Western Health has a Bicycle Rodeo program description that includes step-by-step information on how to deliver this event.  For more information please contact the Regional Health Educator (637-5000 extension 5355).

Preventing Alcohol Related Trauma in Youth (PARTY)

PARTY was introduced to the Western region in 2006-2007. This one-day program targets youth aged 15 and older, aiming to help them recognize alcohol-related injury risks and make informed decisions to reduce these risks.  This program is led by two community facilitators in the school setting.  If you are interested in having this program delivered at your school or for more information please contact the Regional Health Educator (637-5000 extension 5355).

If you are interested in any of these programs or if you have any questions, please contact the Regional Health Educator (637-5000 extension 5355) or call a Wellness Facilitator in your area:

- Bonne Bay/area and Port Saunders/area: 458-2381 extension 268
- Bay of Islands/area and Deer Lake/White Bay South/area:  632-2920
- Port aux Basques/area, Burgeo/Ramea area, and Bay St. George/area: 646-3728