About Humberwood

Humberwood Centre offers services free of charge to individuals age 19 and older who are experiencing substance abuse or gambling problems.

It is a voluntary program open to both men and women who are in the middle to late stages of addiction and require a more intensive, structured program than can be provided on an outpatient basis.

Ten private bedrooms/bathrooms provide personal space. The Centre also has a lounge, kitchen, dining room, whirlpool tubs, a fitness room, and a private outdoor recreational/relaxation area.

The treatment program is three to four weeks and provides men and women with a supportive residence while attending the program and working towards their treatment goals. Some individuals require a longer period of residential treatment. The option of extended stay is presented to individuals if the treatment team believes that it would benefit them and increase their potential for recovery success upon discharge.

Day treatment is available when circumstances exist, that prevent individuals from entering the program as an inpatient.