Visitor Restrictions

Visitor restrictions are in place at all Western Health facilities due to COVID-19, in order to protect those with weakened immune systems or underlying conditions. There are up to six designated visitors/support persons permitted for each patient and resident in long term care (LTC), health centres and hospitals throughout the region (see more information in here). All designated visitors/support persons are required to go through a screening process upon entry and will be given a mask which must be worn for the duration of the visit. 

Designated visitors for long term care residents can be changed every two weeks. The first two week cycle will begin Nov. 30, 2020. Changes to the list can be made up until Friday at Noon of the week prior to each two-week cycle change (see guidelines here). 

Rotational workers who have not completed 14 days of self-isolation are not permitted to visit Long Term Care homes. It is recommended that partners of rotational workers do not visit Long Term Care homes.

The screening tool used to screen visitors upon entry to hospitals, long term care homes and personal care homes was updated Nov. 25, 2020 (see here). This change reflects the latest update to the public health screening tool for COVID-19.

Visitor restrictions are a series of infection control measures put in place to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases which are common in health care facilities. They are designed to help keep clients, families, staff and visitors healthy and safe.

Help reduce the spread of illness

Visitors can help reduce the spread of illness by doing the following:

-  Do not visit if you are ill.
-  Clean your hands before entering a room and after visiting your loved ones. 
-  Limit your visit to only one patient/resident. 
-  Wear protective equipment, such as masks, gown and gloves for the duration of the visit, if required. Nursing staff will advise which equipment is required, and how to properly apply and remove it.

Please do NOT visit any health care facility if you feel ill or are experiencing flu-like or gastrointestinal symptoms. 

Western Health would like to thank the public for their co-operation during this precautionary measure.