Western Health Launches Finding Balance, Falls Prevention Awareness Campaign

Nov 16, 2017

Western Health is launching the Finding Balance campaign in collaboration with community partners to increase awareness of risk factors for falls and how to prevent falls from occurring. 

The Finding Balance campaign aims to educate adults 55 years and older about the need to stay active, check medications, and check vision to reduce falls. Falls are the leading cause of injury related hospitalizations in people over the age of 65 and the risk of falling and being injured increases as people get older. Every year one out of three people in that age group will experience a fall, and falls are the single greatest factor in loss of independence by seniors.

“Seniors have made major contributions to our Province and are a vital part of our families and communities,” says Rebecca MacDonald, Regional Health Promotion Consultant. “Finding Balance encourages seniors to be active, learn how they can prevent falls so they can potentially stay independent longer.”

The campaign was launched today at the Corner Brook Public Library with a group of participants aged 55 and above. Over the next several months, Western Health will be promoting the Finding Balance Campaign at pharmacies, local restaurants, health care provider offices and wellness clinics, at community events throughout the western region, as well as through its website and social media (#findingbalance).

For more information about this campaign, including tips and ideas, visit www.westernhealth.nl.ca/balance.


Media Contact:
Tara J. Pye
Director of Communications 
Western Health