Mental Health Services

All Mental Health Services (Corner Brook, Stephenville, Deer Lake, Port Saunders, Burgeo, Norris Point, Port aux Basques) provide promotion, education and prevention services, consultation, assessment and counseling services to children, adults, families, groups and communities for mental health/mental illness-related issues. Mental Health Services accepts self referrals or referrals from other agencies. Download our referral form (pdf).

Contact information for regional mental health & addiction services:

Corner Brook

Adult Mental Health Services (age 19 & over)
Addiction Services
35 Boone's Road
Corner Brook, NL   A2H 7E5

(709) 634-4506


Deer Lake

Mental Health & Addiction Services
20 Farm Road
Deer Lake, NL   A8A 1J3

(709) 635-7830



Mental Health Services &
Sexual Abuse Community Services
Rehabilitation Annex
127 Montana Drive
Stephenville, NL   A2N 2T4

(709) 643-8740



Mental Health & Addiction Services
Calder Health Care Centre
P. O. Box 614
Burgeo, NL AOM 1AO

(709) 886-2185

Port aux Basques

Mental Health & Addiction Services
P. O. Box 544
Port aux Basques, NL AOM 1CO

(709) 695-6250

Norris Point

Mental Health & Addiction Services
Bonne Bay Health Centre
P. O. Box 70
Norris Point
Bonne Bay, NL AOK 3V0

(709) 458-2381, Ext. 266

Port Saunders

Mental Health & Addiction Services
Rufus Guinchard Health Centre
P. O. Box 40
Port Saunders, NL AOK 4HO

(709) 861-9125


Mental Health Unit at WMRH

The Mental Health Unit is a 23 bed Acute Care Service at Western Memorial Regional Hospital that serves as the only Mental Health Unit in the Western region of Newfoundland. Our admission criteria includes all diagnosis covered in the DSM IV including alcohol and drug detoxification with admission being arranged by a physiciatrist or general pratitioner.

A safe, therapeutic and caring environment is provided through a multi-disciplinary team approach to individuals experiencing emotional, behavioral  or concurrent disorders.

For more information about visiting a patient in the Menal Health Unit, please click here.

Mental Health Rehabilitation

This outpatient service located in Corner Brook provides supportive care to individuals with mental illness and their families. This support is offered through individual or group counselling as well as a weekly Neuroleptic clinic.

For more information on Mental Health Rehabilitation, contact the Mental Health Rehabilitation Nurse at 709-634-4506.


For More Information

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