Addiction Services

Addictions Services is a community-based service which provides education, assessment, counselling and consultation to people with substance use and/or gambling issues, as well as those affected by someone else's alcohol/drug use or gambling behaviours. Services like impaired driving programs, after care, followup, and referrals to other services  are provided to individuals, families and in group settings.

Naloxone (trade name Narcan) can restore breathing in the event of a fentanyl or other opioid overdose. Free Take Home Naloxone Kits are now available to the public in communities across the Province. Kits are for individuals at high risk of overdose (current or previous opioid users) and their friends/family, to administer if overdose occurs.

Contact the HealthLine (call 811) or any Mental Health and Addictions office to access a kit. Instructions on how to use the kit will be provided.

Addiction services has offices in Corner Brook, Stephenville, Deer Lake, Burgeo, Norris Point, Port Saunders, Port aux Basques, and traveling clinics to Cow Head.

Contact information:

Corner Brook

Adult Mental Health Services (age 19 & over)
Addiction Services/Humberwood Centre
P.O.Box  2005
Corner Brook, NL   A2H 6J7


Deer Lake

Mental Health & Addiction Services
20 Farm Road
Deer Lake, NL   A8A 1J3



Mental Health & Addiction Services
127  Montana Drive
Stephenville, NL A2N 2T4



Mental Health & Addiction Services
Calder Health Care Centre
P. O. Box 614
Burgeo, NL A0N 2H0


Port aux Basques

Mental Health & Addiction Services
P. O. Box 100
Port aux Basques, NL AOM 1CO


Norris Point

Mental Health & Addiction Services
Bonne Bay Health Centre
P. O. Box 70
Norris Point
Bonne Bay, NL AOK 3V0

458-2381, Ext. 266


Port Saunders

Mental Health & Addiction Services
Rufus Guinchard Health Centre
P. O. Box 40
Port Saunders, NL AOK 4HO



Information and Links  


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