Current Visitor Restrictions

At times, a health care facility may need to implement visitor restrictions. This means that individuals should refrain from visiting the facility when possible and immediate family should contact the facility before visiting.

Visitor restrictions are currently in place on Blueberry Crescent at Corner Brook Long Term Care Home. Immediate family members of residents should contact the unit at 637-3999 Ext. 3151 for further direction about visitation. 

Help reduce the spread of illness

Visitors can help reduce the spread of illness by doing the following:

-  Do not visit if you are ill.
-  Clean your hands before entering a room and after visiting your loved ones. 
-  Limit your visit to only one patient/resident. 
-  Wear protective equipment, such as masks, gown and gloves for the duration of the visit, if required. Nursing staff will advise which equipment is required, how to properly apply and remove it.

Please do NOT visit any health care facility if you feel ill or are experiencing flu-like or gastrointestinal symptoms.